You Can Make A Difference No Matter Your Age

Last evening I spoke with a dear friend in California.  She’s 91, has severe emphysema and is on oxygen.  Her outings are limited to attending church and playing bridge.  Some time ago she lost a son.  Recently she lost her only daughter. She described a young woman she’d met at church who seemed adrift.  She’d lost her job, was short of funds, and had lost the will to continue looking for employment.   My friend, whose no nonsense approach to life may be disconcerting  to some, explained to the young woman that without education she was destined to continue the cycle of defeat.   She must get a job, go to night school and change her life. Thanks to my friend’s generosity with gas money and heartfelt advice, the young woman has finished her internship in the health field.  She was hired by that employer,  who was impressed with her motivation and determination, and is looking forward to a rewarding career. What is my friend’s reward for making a difference?   The young woman calls her  Mom.