Volunteering with Alif Institute

On Saturday I drove to the Alif Institute in Atlanta to volunteer for their annual Arab Festival, which will be held April 13-14.   The building is spacious, with rooms for lectures, concerts and multimedia events. They have classrooms for the children and adults to learn Arabic, calligraphy, music, cooking and other enriching courses.  Take a look at Alif Institute and see for yourself all it has to offer. I was warmly welcomed and quickly found the perfect niche for me  – working in the room with the art exhibition.  I can’t wait to see what the artists bring.   I’ll also be reserving any number of Arabic sweets to share with friends and family.    If by chance there happens to be other tasty tidbits I’ll have no will power at all.  So here’s to art, music, good food, fun and continuing to learn and grow. If you have a story to share of where you volunteer or how you help refugees in your area, please share it with us.