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Only a Coat

Every year in New York City we do a coat drive for the homeless and the needy.  Last year we collected 87,000 coats and needed a warehouse to store them.  One of my tasks was to get a phone installed in the warehouse for the coat drive.  When I called the phone company to say what we needed and why, the operator told me an amazing story.  The year before he was homeless and received a coat from the drive.  He said he couldn't believe people would sacrifice such nice coats and that the gesture of selflessness gave him faith in the world again.  So he began to get his life together and a year later he had a place to live and a good job at the phone company.  I thought to myself, "Just when you think it's only a coat."  Melissa Bieri, NY, NY

An Opportunity to Serve

I wouldn't be who I am or where I am had I not had the opportunity to serve as a child.  It's critical to facilitate opportunities for youth to get out of their comfort zones and into communities.  Young people have a propensity for openness and are able to get involved in such a passionate way, working for what they think is right.  They "get" that the world is broken and that their generation has to do something to help make it right.  Through their curiosity and engagement, they have the ability to really change the world.    Rev. Amanda Hendler-Voss, Atlanta, GA