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Helping Where You Can

Today I happened upon the Facebook page of a friend in Jordan.  I took the time to click on Translation so I could see what she's doing.  I was delighted to read that she is teaching parents how to interact with their children to give them the best chance to succeed.  It made me think of the efforts being made by the talented, qualified moms in our country who are home schooling their children.  I see so many of the same techniques used here being taught there.  One more reminder that no matter where we live we are indeed interconnected.  

Imagine It Was You

    Imagine you’re a Syrian grandmother who has fled from her home, now living in a small apartment in Jordan with your husband, who is bedridden with Parkinson’s disease, and your son’s family, including several grandchildren.  Without assistance you’d have to beg or borrow just to buy medicine for your husband and feed your grandchildren.  What would you do?

The Refugee Crisis

June 24, 2016   I have to talk about the crisis in Europe.  There’s so much to tell you about what people are doing to make a difference.  And how they are working through UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency, and ANERA, American Near East Refugee Aid. What if you were forced to flee to a foreign country where you were not allowed to work?  You planned to stay just a few months, and you brought money to cover that period – perhaps with a cushion in case you had to stay a little longer. Now you’ve been there for years.  You have no money and no way of earning it.  If you try to go home you and your family will likely be in even more danger than you were when you left. This is what’s happening to thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. With families to support, savings exhausted and no dependable way to work, they’re living on the brink.  More than two-thirds have slipped below the poverty line.