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Update on Gaza

According to the U.N. Gaza will be unlivable by 2020.  That's four years from now.    By then two million people will live there, one of the most densely populated small spaces in the world.    As it is, they've barely recovered from the 2014 war...the third war in five years.   75,000 people are still homeless.  What's the problem?  A lack of cement and building materials.  Israel imposes heavy restrictions on these items because they could be used to build tunnels.  And cement at $475 a ton is far too costly for most families.   Half the work force is out of a job.  The factories and farms have been destroyed, so there are no jobs to be had.   What else could go wrong?  Let's talk about electricity - four hours a day or less, but when?  So when do they cook, wash clothes, clean if they don't know when the water will be pumped to the rooftop storage tanks?   Families who have generators can't afford many hours a day because of the high cost of fuel.  I can't imagine the anger and frustration.   ANERA says Gaza is unlivable now.  I agree.