Stop Talking Start Doing

On Sunday afternoon, the women’s Circle of Peace book group met at the mosque to complete COMMITTEE OF ONE and select the next book.   The major response to Leila’s story was “I have to stop talking and start doing.”  The best compliment I received was that I’d chosen to write about someone who was not “one of my own.” This is very true.  When meeting Leila I was an average, white, American woman.  Yet she became family to me and her plight became a plight I wanted to share with my country and every person I could.  I wanted to shout it from the roof tops, "Do you know, Do you know the truth, what is really happening?  While we work, sleep and dine in our comforts, there are thousands with nothing, with little hope and we sit back and choose sides without knowing the truth."  I hope that you will read Leila's story, and not just read it but do something, reach out to the refugees in your community.  Start writing to your congress people and tell them enough is enough, we need to help those in need, we need to make sure the refugees get the food and relief they need.  Will you stop talking and start doing?