Land in Turmoil

You can tell I’m getting immersed in all things Arab.  Last night I attended a lecture and performance by the Bethlehem Voices.  One speaker told about the farm that’s been in his family since 1916.  Under military Occupation, he is not allowed to have running water or electricity.  When the occupiers found he was gathering rainwater in barrels, they blew up the barrels and tore out his crop – 250 olive trees.  The wall being built to separate the Israelis from the Arabs, is also separating the farmers from their land.  Even when the land may be only a few minutes from their house, they must travel two hours or more to get to a crossing, facing many checkpoints along the way.  Another speaker showed the difference in use of water resources between the two groups.  Water is becoming scarce, which will result in more unrest and conflict.  How can this be happening where the world’s three major religions come together?