Here’s One Way to Support a Cause

While in Charleston, South Carolina on Saturday I followed the sounds of live music into a downtown park.  The Farmers Market was in full swing, as were musicians and artists. People were buying produce, dog treats, arts and crafts, and enjoying the huge play area with the little ones. I came upon a tent run by young girls and a couple of moms who were selling colorful keys for $5.  Not only were they lively and courteous sales people, they had the glow of giving about them. During our conversation I learned Keys for Hope was started by a group of kids in Mt. Pleasant who wanted to raise money and awareness for their local homeless shelter. They also want to empower kids around the world to raise money and awareness for causes they're most passionate about.  So far they've donated $40,000.00.  Yes, you read correctly.  $40,000.00 for the homeless shelter.  It takes dedication, determination and kind hearts to paint many keys and to put up a tent every Saturday, staff it, and tell the story again and again. One girl, all of 12, will be speaking to the congregation of a large local church about this project.  The group is becoming so well known that they're invited to participate in arts and crafts festivals outside the city free of fees. That's commitment.  That's passion.  That's success.  You Go Girls!