P. Holt Studio

Thirteen years ago my business partner Sara Soma and I decided to work together to create contemporary, beautifully painted ornaments, pins and magnets.  I do all the production work, which consists of using low fire clay to create the designs, drying them, sanding edges and surfaces to make them smooth to the touch, then firing them in my kiln.  Since pieces can be stacked, and since the kiln has several shelves, it takes some time to prepare a firing. When the kiln cools, I remove all the items and send them to my partner. Sara chooses the incredible color combinations, then paints them with acrylics, wires and beads them using commercial quality findings.   Each piece is signed on the back.

Because we make each item meticulously by hand, we can’t turn out the thousands required by big box stores.  Instead, our market niche is the fine craft gallery whose customers appreciate work made by hand.  Since we’re in only one gallery in any city, it’s important to have a good fit.  If your gallery would be interested in showcasing our beautiful pieces please contact me. You may wonder how this can help impact lives. I am committed to giving a portion of sales to help support refugees. If you would like to use my fine crafts for a fundraiser to support your local organization please contact me to learn more.

To order, or to learn more, contact Patricia.

Examples of ornaments, magnets and pins are shown below. Click on the image to see a photo. You can scroll through the images by using the arrows, or click on an image to close it.