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Helpful Speech

Sometimes making a difference is so much work you just want to forget about it.  One step could be watching how we speak.  I listen when I go to the post office or stand in line at the grocery store.  Cell phone calls proliferate at those places, and the conversations I overhear are many and varied. What surprises me is that there are no words of support.   Instead of kind, loving words, most of what I hear is angry sounding... "he said/she said/do you know what he/she did?  Well, let me tell you." I wonder what would happen if words like, " how can I help," ~ "what would you like me to do," ~ "I know you’ll handle this in your usual competent way,"  were used instead.  I’m using helpful words more often.  I hope you are, too.

Stumbling On Facts

I've just been introduced to  Direct TV.   While scrolling through the many channels I came across Link TV, which just happened to be showing a documentary on the Iraq War.   Some of the statistics they stated were so distressing to me.  In some areas of the country, more than 66,000 civilians were killed.  In other areas  it was even worse.  How many orphans are there?  How many with life changing wounds?  In the aftermath of war, what programs exist to  care  the thousands of widows, to teach the orphaned children, to rehabilitate the wounded?  What is awaiting those exiled who wish to return home?  If you can share information or provide answers to these questions, please comment.  I'll try to obtain more statistics about the innocents affected by this or any war.      

Where do you go to reinvigorate your life?

I’m off to cool Colorado to stay with my chosen daughter and her husband for a couple of months. Annie and I will be working on tour next book together.  I'll be at 7,000 feet hiking, playing with dogs, miniature donkeys and horses.  When not rejuvenating, I'll be researching the subject of difficult mothers.      

I’ve Been Named Georgia Author of the Year

  On Saturday night, June 15, at a dinner sponsored by the Georgia Writers Association, I was named Georgia Author of the Year for COMMITTEE OF ONE.   I am so thrilled that Leila’s story and the stories of the refugees whose lives she has changed are being recognized.   It’s a gift beyond price.   And to add more joy, I’ve connected the Director of the Alif Institute to the Deputy Director of the Georgia Council for International Visitors so they can partner for a lecture series by incoming experts and leaders from every part of the world.  Take a look at both on the web.