What’s Happening in Syria?

The situation is dire.  Over 100,000 people have died, and over 4 million are displaced, many penniless.  The war has destroyed the infrastructure of many of the ancient cities. Many of the displaced are fleeing to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.  Will their governments be able to support this influx?  Who will pay for resettlement?  Who will take care of the widows and orphans?  To learn more click here.

What’s Happening in Iraq

The UN reports that 1,057 Iraqis were killed, and 2,326 were wounded in July alone.  Of those, 928 were civilians killed, 2,109 injured.  Since the beginning of the year 4,137 civilians have been killed and 9,865 injured. Do you wonder how the hospitals are keeping up?  Who is paying for the care and treatment of the injured?  How many of the civilians are children?  And how many of them are orphans?

Technology What?

It turns out there are writers groups on sites like Linked In.  Who knew.  I started reading posts about what other authors  are doing and realize how little of today’s technology I know.  People talk in initials  and discuss their blog swaps and twitter feeds and pintrest interests, while I struggle with Facebook.   Are these people taking classes one after the other, or does it come to them by osmosis? Are you ever caught up?  Or don’t you expect to be.  


The town I live in during the summer is made up of hardy, outdoor, rugged residents.  Hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking  are regular activities, even for the over 70s.  What it teaches me is to be grateful for mobility, good health, and the eyes to see and appreciate all nature has to offer.  As I drive home and look over at the mountains and up at the stunning cloud formations,  I know how lucky I am to be part of the peace and tranquility that this part of Colorado has  to offer.  Sometimes I want to go out on the deck, raise my arms to the heavens and shout Thank You to the top of my lungs.  

Helpful Speech

Sometimes making a difference is so much work you just want to forget about it.  One step could be watching how we speak.  I listen when I go to the post office or stand in line at the grocery store.  Cell phone calls proliferate at those places, and the conversations I overhear are many and varied. What surprises me is that there are no words of support.   Instead of kind, loving words, most of what I hear is angry sounding... "he said/she said/do you know what he/she did?  Well, let me tell you." I wonder what would happen if words like, " how can I help," ~ "what would you like me to do," ~ "I know you’ll handle this in your usual competent way,"  were used instead.  I’m using helpful words more often.  I hope you are, too.